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The key drivers of the Sustainable Urban Environment (SUE) programme are to improve the quality of life of UK citizens, to support the sustainable development of the UK economy and to meet the needs of users of EPSRC funded research in industry, commerce and the service sector. We have funded ambitious multidisciplinary consortia, involving academic researchers from a range of disciplines working closely with a range of users, such as local authorities, town planners, city councils, charities and small and large companies, to name but a few.  [Source:]

The EPSRC’s SUE programme of research spans across more than thirty different UK Universities and incorporates 21 funded consortia in many areas:

  • Urban and built environment
  • Waste, water and land management
  • Transport
  • Metrics, knowledge management and decision making
  • SUE related research projects
  • Eco-regions network
  • Knowledge transfer
  • SUE 2 consortia

You can also find links to all the SUE projects in ‘blogroll’

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