The Workshop

On the 29-30 March 2010 the first SUE Research Dialogues Workshop was held at the University of Lancaster.


This was an intensive open workshop for the researchers involved in the various Sustainable Urban Environment (SUE) projects, funded by the (EPSRC), as well as researchers engaged in complementary research, interested industry and other stakeholder representatives.

The Outputs

The long-awaited SUE Research Dialogues (SUE-RD) report is now available to download using the following links.

The full report

Executive Summary

Section 1 only (including the executive summary, introduction, and research findings)

Section 2 only (including further background on the SUE Programme and the primary research data)

The Goals

There is a wealth of research knowledge in the SUE community with more than seven years’ of funded research. This workshop was an opportunity to share our expertise and to create a vision for the future of research into sustainability and to advance academic collaboration and knowledge exchange in sustainability.

The Programme

The workshop opened with presentations from four keynote speakers to prime the debate, each discussing how the economic, social, environmental and policy/governance pillars have been impacted by the SUE programme.  These presentations formed the basis of the debate that followed.

The workshop was facilitated by an external facilitator and a conceptual designer who together explored means of knowledge exchange between academics from very different discipline backgrounds with the purpose of understanding, documenting and mapping the knowledge within the SUE community to identify the relationships between the academic areas. The SUE Research Dialogues Team is now in the process of creating a dynamic, visual, conceptual map of the identified relationships which will be complemented by a workshop working document that will be made available on this site.

Welcome and introductory presentation:

Rachel Cooper and Chris Rogers

Rachel Cooper (Lancaster University) and Chris Rogers (University of Birmingham) introduction presentation

The view from atop the four ‘pillars’ of sustainability – keynote presentations:

Peter Braithwaite

Peter Braithwaite, CH2M HILL – economic pillar presentation

Rob Kinnersley

Rob Kinnersley, Environment Agency – environmental pillar presentation

Elanor Warwick

Elanor Warwick, CABE – social pillar presentation

Tim Allen

Tim Allen, Local Government Association – social / governance pillar presentation

Who is SUE? (and what has SUE done?) presentations:

Jason Luger, Lancaster University – SUE who? presentation

Joanne Leach, University of Birmingham – What is SUE?  Vital statistics of the SUE calls and projects presentation

Ian Cooper, Eclipse Research Consultants – Looking back on SUE: aspirations and (SUE1) outputs presentation

Is there something to build on? presentation:

Ian Cooper, Eclipse Research Consultants – what did we say about ourselves on day 1 presentation

When the SUE programme ends where will we find future funding? presentation:

Caroline Batchelor, EPSRC presentation

How do you want your research to be assessed for impact?  And how should the success of future funding be measured? presentations:

Caroline Batchelor, EPSRC – from the funder’s perspective presentation

Paul Jowitt, ISSUES – from the stakeholder’s perspective presentation

Rachel Lombardi, University of Birmingham – from the researcher’s perspective presentation

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