About SUE Research Dialogues

The EPSRC’s Sustainable Urban Environments Programme is now in its seventh year and a wide range of sustainability research has been conducted.  Up to this point the programme has focussed upon individual research projects. It is now important for the researchers to collaborate and exchange knowledge concerning long-term research needs.

Improved communication, academic collaboration and knowledge exchange.

SUE Research Dialogues has created a portfolio of mechanisms to improve communication and collaboration within and beyond the SUE community.

FIRST we organised a workshop (see ‘The Workshop’ page) that sought to:

  • Deepen multi-disciplinary research strength within the programme
  • Improve communications within the SUE community
  • Provide opportunities for cross-project collaboration and future projects
  • Identify and encourage best practice for multidisciplinary working
  • Work with the ISSUES team
  • Grow sustainability research for Responsive Mode.

NEXT came this networking site and a Twitter feed

NOW we have published an extensive report (see the Report page).

And there will be more, so please watch this space…

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