Posted by: rosiephenixwalker | March 2, 2010

The ISSUES Project

ISSUES (Implementation Strategies for Sustainable Urban Environment Systems) is the knowledge transfer section of the EPSRC-funded SUE programme.

The aim of SUE is to ensure that the SUE research outcomes are understood and used by policy-makers, practitioners and other end-users.

The project has four main objectives:

  1. Showcasing SUE research findings for policy makers and practitioners
  2. Identifying and communicating end-user needs to researchers and funders
  3. Enhancing knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange
  4. Establishing ongoing knowledge exchange between end-users, researchers and funders.

SUE Dialogues will implement the knowledge transfer within the SUE programme, which is distinct from the knowledge transfer activities conducted by ISSUES, which aim to implement the SUE research. Dialogues will work closely with ISSUES to ensure maximum knowledge transfer to the advantage of all concerned.


The SUE Gateway is a custom-built search engine enabling research through all the SUE consortia websites.

ISSUES website introduces the ISSUES project.

SUE Gallery of Experts showcases the experience and expertise of investigators and researchers within SUE.

SUE Research Outputs summarises SUE research outputs by consortia.

SUE Map demonstrates SUE projects by location.



  1. ISSUES is holding the second Brave New City event, this time in London on the 24th march 2010. You can find out more at

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