Welcome to the SUE Dialogues networking site!

This site is designed to allow the SUE community, those whose work is aligned to SUE and those who have an interest in sustainable cities to come together to share ideas in an informal and friendly arena.

Who is SUE?

SUE, the Sustainable Urban Environments Programme,  is an  EPSRC-funded portfolio of research looking into methods of improving sustainability in urban environments.

What is SUE Research Dialogues?

SUE Research Dialogues is a team of seven people who, in 2009, decided to bring the SUE community together to exchange ideas, generate debate, develop a community spirit, forge a way forward in a time of tight funding, put faces to email addresses and find a way to place SUE on the map of current UK and worldwide research into urban sustainability.

The first step was a workshop, held at Lancaster Univeristy on the 29-30 March 2010.  You can read more about this by taking a look at the ‘Events’ page.

Now we have this networking site, a Twitter feed and are in the process of organising an international conference for 2011 and there is more to follow so stay tuned by signing up to the pages that pique your interest and follow us on Twitter!

How to use this website:

This site can be easily navigated using the tabs at the top of the page.

The ‘forum’ page provides an opportunity for you to comment upon any of the issues covered by the SUE Research Dialogues project or sustainable urban environments in general and we would encourage you to make use of this facility.

There is further information in the right hand column, including recent tweets, posts and links to the SUE programme’s individual research projects, which can be found in the ‘bogroll’ section.

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